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Prolific Forex Trading Signals(PFTS)

Using cutting-edge software, we constantly monitor all major currency pairs using fundamentals and technical indicators that signal high-probability trades. When this occurs the Prolific Trade Signals software allows you to copy the trades from the Prolific Master MetaTrader 4 account(s) to one or several slave MetaTrader 4 account(s) that you open in your name . You can also auto trade where you do not need to run slave metatrader terminals. With the automated trade copying Model, all trades are automatically duplicated in your MT4 account, without any work or intervention from you!

Each trade is entered using standard Stop Loss of two(2) to four(4) times the daily average true range. We aim to exit with a Target Profit of three(3) times the initial risk.We also applied a trailing stop of two(2) to four(4) times the daily average true range.

You are able to subscribe to six(6) different trading strategies. You can Subscribe to the Prolific Forex Trading Signals(PFTS) at a discounted price of $25.00 per month. After you complete the purchase please send us an email to arrange for installation.Our monthly subscription fees for each strategy is US$25.00 per month.